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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid held a conference call with the Kansas City media Friday to discuss Thursday night 31-30 loss to the Oakland Raiders.One of the questions presented to Reid was about the status of linebacker Tamba Hali, who is now eligible to come off the PUP list with the Chiefs having played six games.eah,” we haven activated him yet,” Reid said, “so wel determine when we do that.sked about how Hali is feeling physically, Reid was a little short.e feeling OK,” Reid said. el address all that as we go here Demetrius Harris Jersey. We got back late. Wee going through everything now, but he doing OK.he last time we heard from Hali, 33, was his Twitter outburst prior to training camp, and we haven really had an official update since.Hali social media channels have confirmed recently he has been working out and looks to be healthy https://www.chiefsfullapparel.com/Chiefs_Reshard_Cliett_Jersey, but his status to return has seemed pretty ambiguous. We you, tambahali.


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